Driver: Scott Johnson
Birth Date: 12/12/81
Years in Racing: 6
Dad: Ken Johnson
Mom: Leslie Holen
Other Family: Joe Johnson (Brother), Mitch Johnson (Uncle),
Adam Fischer (Cousin)
Hobbies & Interests: Going to the lakes, driving my 70 Chevelle, and riding Harleys
Chassis: Schwartz Xtreme
Engine Builder: Dakota Engine Builders
Pit Crew: Erve Grossman, Eskimo Bob, Lucas Johnson, and Mark Hedstrom
Racing Highlights: Competed in the 2008 rumble series & top 10 in points at RRVS in 2007
Favorite Tracks: Jamestown Speedway, Red River Valley Speedway, Knoxville Speedway
Inspiration to Race: I was inspired to race by watching my Uncle Mitch race when I was growing up.
Special Thanks: DAD, Eskimo Bob, Erve Grossman, Mark Hedstrom

5/2/09 Viking Speedway 8th - 16th
5/23/09 Viking Speedway 8th - 19th
5/24/09 Viking Speedway 7th - 20th
6/05/09 Red River Valley Speedway 9th - 18th
6/12/09 Red River Valley Speedway 7th - 12th
6/24/09 Norman County Raceway 5th - 14th
6/26/09 Red River Valley Speedway 7th - 9th
6/27/09 Jamestown Speedway 4th - 9th
7/03/09 Red River Valley Speedway 3rd - 6th
7/17/09 Red River Valley Speedway 6th - 10th
7/24/09 Red River Valley Speedway 5th - 10th
7/25/09 Southwest Speedway 7th - 10th
7/26/09 Williston Basin Speedway 6th - 18th
8/07/09 Red River Valley Speedway 10th - 10th
8/21/09 Red River Valley Speedway 5th - 8th
8/28/09 Red River Valley Speedway 4th - 7th
9/11/09 River Cities Speedway 6th    

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