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Being involved in an accident is a misfortune no one should have to go through. It can leave you feeling all kinds of emotions. There is a feeling of lost independence while your vehicle is in the shop for repair; you worry that the car may never "handle" the same; or you wonder if there will be extensive "hidden" damage. We understand your concerns and will do our best to address all your questions.
It may help to know that we've installed the latest technology to diagnose and repair your vehicle -
Shark® Computerized Electronic Measuring System.

Shark is a registered trademark of Snap-on Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.

  • You've experienced how electronics have changed and improved the way we live. Computers have brought the information age to your fingertips. In the collision repair industry, computers are used for damage diagnosis, wheel alignment & tune-ups.
  • Shark is made by one of the largest collision repair equipment manufacturers in the world. That means we always have access to the latest information on your particular vehicle.
  • Most vehicles may be diagnosed and repaired without removing suspension which saves you labor costs.
  • Shark automatically stores your diagnostic data and repair information for future reference. We maintain a compete history on your vehicle.
  • You drive away with the confidence that your car has been diagnosed and repaired properly.

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